Student Story: New Student Experience

Briercrest Christian Academy

At Briercrest, you are developed in all aspects of your life, whether that's as an athlete, but also as a person, spiritually, and of course, academically. When new students come to Briercrest, they're often feeling that they're not going to find friends, they're not going to be able to break into any friend groups. But as soon as you arrive, you realize that half the school are new students. We have hockey programs, we have athletic programs, we have students from all backgrounds coming. I came from a public school. So especially as an athlete, I really didn't have a lot of Christian friends. So when I came here, and I was playing sports, and all my teammates were Christians, it was such a really awesome experience to be able to talk about my faith, to be able to share my faith. Everybody here was so kind and so welcoming and just instantly wanting to know me and so it's pretty awesome.
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